Operating Approach

Building bridges across the second chasm

We help bring companies and products into the modern cloud by providing a unique mix of capital, subject matter expertise, and operating best practices. We are an established leader in building and managing remote teams, globally

Product Obsessed

We are 100% software and data focused and passionate about building great products that deliver real value to our customers

Seasoned Operators

We deploy best practices across product, revenue, and operations learned through years of operating world class software and data companies

Future of Work

We have a modern approach to people and business. Our 100% remote model brings together the best talent and ideas from around the globe

Ionic Partners

At Ionic Partners – we bring together over 50 years of global software industry expertise as both operators and investors. We’ve started businesses as entrepreneurs, invested in them from start-up to growth stage to IPO & Fortune 500-scale, and we’ve been advisers and partners to management teams and boards. We are developing a horizontal platform to merge together ‘2nd Chasm’ companies to help them scale and unleash the power of value creation through innovation.

Andy Tryba

Co-Founder & CEO

Donald Park

Co-Founder & President

Audrey Pang

Operating Principal & SVP Operations

Tanner Cerand

Principal, Origination

John Jonson

Principal, Capital Formation

Dhinakar Poomal

VP, Professional Services

Gerardo Gonzalez

VP, Customer Support

Jeff Manley

VP, Integration

Jesse McCray

SVP, Sales & Customer Success

Jun Ho Son

SVP, Finance

Michael Wright

Senior Associate

Nika Nikabadze

VP, SaaS Ops & Infrastructure

Timothy Li

Business Development Associate

Sorin Zavelita

VP, Engineering

SherDil Waqar

Director, Finance

Alina Otelea

Director, Operations

Our Values

At Ionic Partners, we truly believe that a shared set of values is one of the most important aspects of our organization. We seek to live these values daily – both inside and outside of work

Embrace a growth mentality

We strive to continuously learn and be better. With a growth mindset we seek out challenges and learn from failures quickly to use them as a springboard for growth

Respectful radical candor

We care personally and challenge directly. Respectful radical candor is the foundation for how we approach and communicate with each other

100% Customer Success

We feel personally responsible for the success of our customers and work to ensure that all customers are excited to be working with our product, people, and services

Playbooks win championships

We are focused on long term wins over short term gains. We build around playbooks to ensure scalability, consistency, and quality

Raise the quality bar

We fundamentally believe that we can get better in everything we do. We set a high quality bar and then measure, exceed, and raise it. We lean into the infinite pursuit of quality

Be the change

We believe that businesses have the power to impact society in amazing ways. Together, we can collectively drive improvements for employees, communities, and the environment

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