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Audio quality comparison: AirPods vs embedded mic vs USB mic

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Andy Tryba

“Sorry – John – I can’t hear you. Can you get closer to the mic? Nope – that didn’t fix it. Can you switch to a different microphone?”

Don’t be John.

Audio quality, believe it or not, is MORE important than video quality.

Think about it like this. If video quality is bad – the meeting continues. If the audio drops or is intermittent – the meeting ends.

3 common microphones used in video calls are Apple AirPods, microphones embedded in laptops (or desktops) and external USB microphones. Here is a quick video where you can hear the differences.

Quality ranking:

  1. MOVO USB Conference mic: LINK
  2. Embedded mic
  3. Apple AirPods


Audio quality is more important than video. So despite the numerous articles out there focusing on video quality – ensure your audio setup is great first.

USB microphones are a cheap and easy way to create podcast-like audio. Definitely recommend.

Blog by

Andy Tryba

Andy is a technology optimist and the co-founder & CEO of Ionic Partners. Formerly - he was the founder & CEO of Think3, Founder & CEO of Crossover, co-founder & CEO of RideAustin and the CEO of a variety of technology companies including Engine Yard, DNN Corp, Kayako, Bizness Apps, FogBugz, School Loop, Agemni, SLI Systems, and Sococo. Andy runs all of his companies with 100% remote talent – across all functions.

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