Ionic Partners

Be the change
we seek in the world:

We believe that the world is full of amazing, talented people literally spread across EVERY country. Unfortunately, though this talent is spread all over the world, opportunity isn’t.

We believe that all high-skill jobs should move to the cloud. The cloud empowers us to be able to deliver the job to the person – instead of the person moving to the job. This has a profound impact on global society, freeing up intellectual capital and increasing the opportunity to be present for our work, our families, and ourselves.

Business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered:

People matter and place DOESN'T matter. Our first principle is that great people are truly spread all over the world and we have an opportunity to enable them to have great careers from wherever their family resides.

At Ionic Partners – we bring together over 50 years of global software industry expertise as both operators and investors. We’ve started businesses as entrepreneurs, invested in them from start-up to growth stage to IPO & Fortune 500-scale, and we’ve been advisers and partners to management teams and boards. We are developing a horizontal platform to merge together ‘2nd Chasm’ companies to help them scale and unleash the power of value creation through innovation.